Kent Ave. Power Plant Being Prepped for Demolition?

Is the Kent Ave. Power Plant Being Prepped for Demolition? From the Gowanus House Blog. Sadly it was. Nathan Kensinger Photography, Forgotten New York, The Gothamist 

It’s sad to see a structure like this go. These plants have so much potential. With a large hollow void nearly anything could be fit in there.


IRT Power House in NYC

From the Daytonian in Manhattan a history of the stunning McKim Mead & White IRT power house of 1904. Preservation efforts are stymied as of 2015. Below are two interior views one of the massive reciprocation engines. and the other an early cut-away view of the station.Subway-Powerhouse-Interborough-Rapid-Transit-Company-IRT-58th-to-59th-St-ca.-1904.59th-IRT-Street-Powerstation
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Bldup Post


“About South Boston Power Plant”

776 Summer Street, South Boston, Boston, MA

“Proposed 2.1 million square foot, 15.2-acre mixed-use development featuring residential, office, hotel, retail and restaurant space, in addition to parking. The development would replace and incorporate an existing former Edison power plant [Actually only a small part of it.]. Eight new multi-story buildings would be constructed, and three architecturally-significant former turbine halls that run end-to-end through the site’s center would be rehabilitated. Local retail and other amenities would be located on buildings’ ground floors.”

“Multiple new pedestrian connections would be created between the development and the surrounding streets, creating a new link between South Boston and the Reserved Channel waterfront. Over an acre [WOW! a whole acre!] of waterfront public space would be created along the Reserved Channel; the space would celebrate the working port’s heritage. A number of indoor and outdoor spaces would be devoted to the arts, creating an ‘arts and industry’ district for artists and other creative individuals.”

Station No 4

Redgate/Hilco have announced their plans for the former Boston Edison power station in South Boston on Summer St. Initially touting themselves as have a history re-purposing industrial sites the preservation minded among us had high hopes for the long shuttered generating plant.
The slide show shown at the community charrettes and their Twitter feed showed many images of  rehabbed mills and  factories, but the reality seems to be they intend on razing most of the structures on the site saving only the three turbine rooms at the center of the complex. These three buildings running in a north-south line through the site were never meant to be free standing their long side walls are blank being part of adjacent structures. These exterior side walls have no aesthetic value. (The interior is another story!)
Once the 1960’s era New Boston Station is removed there are some wonderful wall sections left from the boiler rooms of the Summer St./L St. Plant. Also the original 1898 Boston Electric Light Co. plant is complete. There is so much that could be done with it with a creative outlook.
To really add something to the surrounding neighborhood something other that a maximize profit outlook needs to take charge. Here’s hoping the community demands the very best form the developers!